A Victorian Tale – Changes at Errington Hall

Chapter 1 The Visit to the Churchyard

Mrs. Bennett leaned forward and rested the small posy of flowers she had picked from the garden of Errington Hall onto the grave. Brushing a tear from her eye she read the inscription which had been added to the headstone above the name of Sir Rupert’s first wife Cecilia Mary Errington, who had died twenty five years earlier, ….. Sir Rupert Theodore Errington 16th April 1822 – 4th July 1878’.

Looking down at the raised turf, yet to settle above the grave, she began talking to her erstwhile employer, “If you don’t mind me saying Sir Rupert, I blame that wretched girl Laura, if you ‘adn’t taken such a fancy to that arse of ‘ers you’d still be with us. Thrashing that arse every chance you got was what finished you, no doubt about it, you silly man.”
The portly and elderly cook began to sob and was offered a handkerchief by her much younger companion, Mrs Millin the housekeeper, who stood behind her.

Mrs Millin hadn’t really wanted to visit the grave and had only agreed to do so to accompany Mrs Bennett who hadn’t wanted to go to the churchyard alone.

“No good blaming Laura Mrs B,” added the housekeeper. “Sir Rupert had been wielding that cane of his for as long as I’ve been employed at Errington Hall and probably for a long time before that, I felt it across my own behind on many an occasion when I was pretty, young and slender in the early days.” Mrs Millin smiled a rather satisfied smile to herself as she recalled those days,” I hated it at first, bloomin’ agony it was, that ruddy cane felt like I’d ‘ad a red-hot poker laid across me arse, had me screaming the place down and the marks from it sometimes lasted weeks.” Mrs Millin’s voice softened as she continued. “Strange thing though, after a while I began to quite enjoy it and almost began to look forward to the next time I ‘ad to lift me skirt, pull down me drawers and bend over Sir Rupert’s desk with me bare backside stuck out, never told ‘im so though,” she chuckled.

Mrs Bennett looked at the housekeeper and shook her head in a disapproving kind of way. She could never claim to have been slender or pretty herself, and her own rather enormous behind had understandably never received Sir Rupert’s attentions. “Well you can’t change the fact that it was while ‘e was givin’ that girl what for, ‘is ‘eart gave out and that’s why ‘es in that grave now.”

Mrs Millin linked arms with the cook and the two women walked side by side away from the grave and across the churchyard, pausing momentarily to admire the magnificence of a lone oak tree which dominated the churchyard gateway. A collection of leaves lay on the ground beneath the tree and coupled with the chill in the air, were a stark reminder that Autumn was upon them.

The housekeeper knew that trying to convince Mrs Bennett that Laura should not be blamed for Sir Rupert’s heart giving out while he was caning her, was a waste of time, so decided that it would be best to leave the matter be.

As they walked along though, Mrs Millin’s thoughts remained with Laura who she knew had hated having her bare bottom caned so frequently, so could not possibly be blamed for Sir Rupert’s demise. In any case, if Sir Rupert’s heart hadn’t given out while he was caning her, it likely would have done the next time he exerted himself, so best that it happened while he was doing something he so obviously enjoyed. The housekeeper allowed herself another private smile at the memory of the canings Sir Rupert had given her when she was younger.

As the two women continued on, Mrs Millin decided to turn the conversation away from Sir Rupert’s demise and onto the arrival of his wayward son Edward. Edward Errington had returned to Errington Hall from overseas after receiving the news of his father’s death, accompanied by a beautiful young woman who appeared to be of oriental origin.

“Well, it’s a new era at Errington Hall now with young Edward’s at the helm,” said Mrs Millin, her voice sounding as though she was quite accepting of the change. Mrs Bennett screwed her face up in a disapproving kind of way, “Well, ‘e’ll never replace Sir Rupert in my eyes, wants to be known as Sir Edward, never ‘eard such nonsense, ‘e ain’t no proper ‘Sir’. Born with a silver bloody spoon in his mouth that one, surprised he don’t want to be called ‘is majesty or something now he’s in’erited Errington ‘all.

Mrs Bennett’s dislike of Edward could not be more transparent, she had never liked him even as a c***d. “To make matters worse,“ continued Mrs Bennett. “ He’s brought that young foreign girl with ‘im, can’t speak no bloomin’ English just grins at yer when you speaks to ‘er, won in ‘er in a game of cards by all accounts.”

Unlike the cook, Mrs Millin had always liked Edward. As a young boy he had been suitably mischievous but as he developed into a truly handsome young man she had found herself secretly besotted.

“Oh come on Bennett, give Edward a chance and as for the girl he’s brought with him, she’s a truly beautiful young woman, stunningly attractive. Anyway, things were bound to change one day.” Again, the cook screwed her face up before adding, “Well, perhaps if the second Lady Errington hadn’t fallen off her bloomin’ horse last year and landed on that ruddy rock, she’d ‘ave been the one to in’erit Errington Hall and Edward would ‘ave ‘ad the decency to stay well away.”

“No, not in a million years,” added Mrs Millin indignantly. “Edward didn’t know anything about what happened to her ladyship ‘til he got back here, probably hoped he would be able to carry on where he left off with her with Sir Rupert out the way, so finding out she’d met ‘er end at such a tender age must have come as a real shock.”

“ Well, I s’pose at least she was nearer Edward’s age than ‘is father’s,” added Mrs Bennett. “So they might have been a good match and well, before she bashed it on that rock, Lady Errington did have her head screwed on and might have kept ‘im under proper, bloomin’ control.”

The two women continued their journey back to Errington Hall along the narrow, winding lane. Although they frequently disagreed, they held a mutual respect and fondness for each other.

Despite being aware that Edward’s return was probably another matter that would be best left alone, the housekeeper couldn’t resist saying, “Oh, poor Edward, he only went away in the first place because he was besotted with Lady Errington and it caused such ructions between ‘im and his father.” Mrs Bennett again screwed her face up. “Fancy coming back,” continued Mrs Millin unable to avoid a smile. “To find that the woman you’ve held a candle for all these years ‘as bashed her brains out on a rock while riding back from getting up to mischief with one of the stable lads.”

“You’re a shameless hussy Mrs Millin, you should keep your thoughts to yerself, that’s what I think,” growled the cook before breaking into a smile herself.

“Anyway Mrs Bennett,” added the housekeeper, “You’ve got up to your own fair share of mischief over the years, swatting young maids’ bottoms with that butter pat of yours, including my own behind, may I remind you, when I was just a lowly maid?”

Mrs Bennett gave a coy look “S’pose you’re right Mrs. Millin,” said the cook begrudgingly as they continued their journey.

“Well,“ added the cook, “I’ve seen how excited you gets Mrs Millin when one or other of them young maids gets their behind swatted, so don’t tell me you’re as lily-white as you makes out.” The housekeeper couldn’t help but blush, and hoped that the chill in the air had stopped her face from reddening enough for the wily old cook to notice.

The two women walked on and as Errington Hall came into view Mrs Bennett suggested that a hot pot of tea might be in order when they reached the kitchen. Mrs Millin smiled, “That sounds like a perfect idea Mrs Bennett, I could do with something to warm me up.”

In the warmth of the kitchen, Mrs Bennett boiled some water and prepared a pot of tea. The portly cook seemed though, to have returned to a somewhat melancholy mood, the visit to Sir Rupert’s grave had acted as a clear reminder that life at Errington Hall was changing. She had always admired her late employer and enjoyed his eccentricities and at her age the thought of any change really didn’t appeal to her.

Chapter 2 Mrs Millin is Summoned

With Mrs Bennett unusually quiet, the two women sipped their tea, but as they did so the peace of the kitchen was disturbed by the surprisingly heavy footsteps of Maggie a willowy and clumsy maid, coming down the stairs.

“Oh there you is Mrs Millin,” said the pale and unattractive young woman. ”Sir Edward sent me to find you ‘cause ‘e wants to see you in ‘is private quarters and I’ve been looking everywhere,” she announced in breathless tones. Before Mrs Millin could reply, Mrs Bennett growled at the girl “Can’t you even walk down them stairs like a normal human being? I thought it was some bloomin’ great man with ‘is boots on coming down them steps, not a skinny young thing like you.”

Maggie hung her head, she seemed to spend most of her time getting ticked off for something or other. “Well you’ve found me now,” said Mrs Millin trying to sound more kindly than her companion.
“Thank you for letting me know Maggie, now run along, I’ll go and see him right away,” said Mrs Millin quickly drinking the small amount of tea which remained in her cup before hurrying off to see Sir Edward.

Arriving at the heavy oak study door Mrs Millin paused for a moment to adjust her uniform and tidy her hair with her fingers before knocking. “Come,” bellowed Sir Edward as Mrs Millin knocked. As the housekeeper entered the study she felt slightly nervous, wondering whether Edward was about to announce that he would be making changes and that maybe he had decided to dispense with the services of some of the staff, maybe even hers.

“You wanted to see me Sir Edward,” she said in an apprehensive tone. Sir Edward was sat behind his late father’s desk and beckoned the housekeeper to step forward onto the rug.

Edward had looked somewhat bedraggled after he had first arrived back from overseas, but in the days since his return he had certainly smartened his appearance with new clothes and a visit to the barber’s to groom his wild mass of hair and unkempt beard. Even as a boy Edward had been noticeably handsome but as Mrs Millin looked at him now she believed him to be as handsome as any man she had ever seen.

“Well Emily, it’s good to see you again after all these years.” said Sir Edward. Mrs Millin blushed, the last man to call her Emily had been her late husband Samuel who, almost fifteen years ago and just a few short months after their wedding, had tragically drowned trying to rescue a boy who had fallen in the river. Ironically, the boy also drowned and since that time Emily Millin’s private life had been void of male company.

“It’s very good to see you again Sir Edward,” she responded hoping that he hadn’t called her there to dispense with her services. Although she had avoided directly telling Mrs Bennett who seemed to be grieving for Sir Rupert far more than she ought to, Mrs Millin actually welcomed the change at Errington Hall as long as her position remained safe. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Sir Rupert, but the secret affection she had held from having watched Edward grow from impish boy into such a wonderfully handsome man had certainly added to the appeal of his return.

Chapter 3 Sir Edward Tells the Story

Mrs Millin stood nervously. “There’s something I wish to tell you Emily,” began Sir Edward. Mrs Millin smiled nervously,” Yes S,Sir,” she stammered. “I remember when you first arrived here, I was twlelve years old, or maybe thirteen, I’m not sure which and you about sixteen I believe.”

“Twelve you was Sir Edward, I remember you having your thirteenth birthday just a few weeks after I started here,” interjected the housekeeper, pleased that she was able to inform her new employer so accurately.

“Well, shortly before I left to travel the world, I came into this very study one afternoon just a few days after my eighteenth birthday. My father was on the other side of the house entertaining guests in the sitting room, so I believed my actions were quite safe. You see I was never allowed in here and I just wanted to come in and take a look around.”

Edward leaned forward in his chair and opened the silver cigar box which Sir Rupert had kept on the desk for as long as anyone could remember. Taking out a large cigar, Sir Edward held it against his top lip and drew in its aroma before replacing it in the box.

Uncomfortable with the silence Mrs Millin felt compelled to speak, “ I s’pose it was only natural for an inquisitive young gentleman to explore forbidden territory Sir,“ she said with an approving smile. “Any young man would ‘ave done the same,” added the housekeeper.” So true Emily,” responded Edward. “But my exploration was swiftly thwarted by the sound of my father’s seemingly angry voice in the corridor outside this room getting louder by the second as he grew closer.

“Sir Edward paused for a moment and stroked the side of his newly manicured beard.
“Blimey, so what did you do?” asked Mrs Millin intrigued by this story. “I quickly hid in that cupboard right behind you,” he said gesturing his hand in the direction of the large ornate oak cabinet which stood proudly against the wall as it had done for countless decades. Mrs Millin turned to look at the cupboard. “My goodness, was you discovered?” she said with an air of concern. “Thankfully no,” added Edward. “And the purpose of me telling you this story is that what I witnessed through the slender gap between the cupboard doors, was something that I have never forgotten and believe helped shape the passions I now hold so dear.”

With no idea of what Edward was leading up to, Mrs Millin stood with her mouth half open hoping that she wouldn’t be kept in suspense for much longer, “What I saw Emily, was a very pretty young woman brought in here by my father because she had carelessly spilled a glass of wine into the lap of one of the guests in the drawing room.”

The expression on Mrs Millin’s face changed from one of curiosity to one of total embarrassment as her face instantly reddened. “Oh my gawd Sir, you was ‘idden in there while Sir Rupert caned my bare be’ind?”

Sir Edward looked straight into Mrs Millin’s pale blue eyes, “Yes, Emily I saw my father unleash two dozen cane strokes on your bare and beautiful bottom as you screamed for mercy with each and every stroke.” Mrs Millin fidgeted uncomfortably before responding, “Oh Sir Edward, I feel so embarrassed knowing you saw me bare be’ind getting thrashed, I really do.”

Sir Edward placed his hands on the desk and arose from his chair before continuing.
“Nonsense Emily, to see such a beautiful young woman so expertly punished was indeed a valuable part of my education. Before that time I had never been privileged to witness such a beautiful posterior subjected to such a thrashing. From that day onwards, the beauty of the female posterior has remained dear to me, and the image of what I witnessed from that cupboard is still firmly etched in my mind as if it were yesterday.”

Mrs Millin wasn’t often short of words but at this moment in time she really struggled to know how best to respond. She had never in her wildest dreams imagined that her own behind could be held in such high esteem, especially by a man like Edward Errington.

Eventually composing herself, Mrs Millin swallowed hard before speaking.” Well, Sir Edward it was a long time ago and that slender maid is no longer as slender as she once was, as well you can see,” she said whilst drawing an imaginary shape of herself in the air with her hands. “Reckon my behind is getting on for twice the size it was when you was hiding in that cupboard Sir Edward.”

Sir Edward laughed and stepped toward the housekeeper placing a hand on her shoulder. “Emily, you’re still a most appealing woman, I grant you a little less slender than you were twelve years ago but I rather find a slightly fuller figure often enhances the appeal of a beautiful woman, and in my eyes you are most certainly, a very beautiful woman.”

Emily Millin smiled and once more blushed, to be given such a complement by one so handsome made her tingle inside and forget that, in truth, she merely thought of herself as a lonely widow with little to look forward to in life other than middle age not far around the corner.

Chapter 4 Mrs Millin is Caned

Sir Edward stepped away from the housekeeper and returned to the other side of the desk opening the top drawer of a large chest which stood near the corner of the room. Mrs Millin’s eyes bulged as she watched him carefully remove a cane from the drawer and place it horizontally on the green, leather inlay of the desk in front of her. It was a cane she recognised well, the leather binding around its handle frayed at the end, made it unmistakeable. She had been summoned to collect that very cane on many an occasion when Sir Rupert had chosen to punish one of the maids, and hard as she tried not to, the housekeeper couldn’t help but study every inch of the sturdy implement.

“I’ve waited many years for this Emily, and although I am guilty of breaking many promises in my life I have never broken a promise that I have made to myself.”

Mrs Millin stood without uttering a word, her insides though, were churning at the expectation of what was about to happen. The many canings she had received from Sir Rupert during her earlier years at Errington Hall had taught her that despite the agony which the cane inflicts, there is a part of such punishment that can wildly stimulate the senses beyond understanding. Since the tragic death of her husband Samuel, she’d experienced no further intimacy with a man and the many canings she’d received from Sir Rupert were perhaps the closest thing to intimacy that she’s experienced. If Sir Edward was indeed about to cane her she somehow relished this intention even though the horror of the pain she would suffer filled her with dread.

Sir Edward removed his jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his crisp, white shirt before picking up the cane, once more looking into the housekeeper’s eyes. “Yes Emily, with the memory of what I witnessed from that cupboard etched in my mind, I made a promise to myself that one day I would cane you myself.”

Mrs Millin did not protest, and as she anticipated positioning herself over the desk just as she had done for Sir Rupert on many an occasion, Edward asked her to release her soft, brown hair from its bun.

Emily Millin was thirty four years old, her position as housekeeper providing little opportunity to present herself in anything other than a drab, grey uniform with her hair tied in an unflattering bun. Although she was no longer as slim as she’d once been, she still retained a pretty and youthful face and as she pulled the pins from her soft, brown hair releasing it to cascade onto her shoulders, Edward could see that the beauty of the young woman he had found so appealing all those years ago, had far from waned.

“Well Emily, it may interest you to know that I’ve been reading my father’s diaries. He used to keep a daily account of just about everything that happened at Errington Hall and amidst his notes he has made many entries relating to your exuberant interest in the punishments given out to the maids employed here.” Mrs Millin swallowed hard, unable to think of a suitable reply.

“I imagine that you know how to present yourself for punishment Emily?” said Sir Edward. “Yes Sir Edward, I do,” responded the housekeeper meekly.

Raising her skirt and lowering her undergarments, Mrs Millin leaned forward and placed her hands on the far side of the desk. Although it was some years since she had found herself in this position, it was a position that she had never forgotten and as her eyes scanned the surface beneath her, even some of the decades old blemishes on the leather inlay of the desk brought back memories. Sir Edward stood behind the housekeeper visually studying the very bottom that had inspired so many passions and fantasies within him and for which he held such fond memories. Yes, it was fuller than it had been all those years ago but in his eyes it was still magnificent.

Sir Edward had been with many beautiful women, the kind of women who turn heads wherever they go, but he had eclectic taste and at this very moment in time Emily Millin’s bottom was as perfect a creation as he had ever seen. Clutching the cane in his right hand Sir Edward ran his free hand over the contours of the housekeeper’s buttocks, “Magnificent, Emily, truly magnificent,” he announced. “So perfect for chastisement.”

Mrs Millin remained silent, overwhelmed by the fact that after all these years she was once more receiving the attentions of a man, a very attractive man at that. With the scrutiny over, Sir Edward offered the cane to the centre of the housekeeper’s bottom and tapped it gently against her.

Mrs Millin swallowed hard and turned her head just far enough to look into Sir Edward ’s eyes. “Do you deny Emily,” continued Sir Edward returning her gaze. “That you have found some sort of unusual stimulation in the punishments given to some of the young maids that have been employed here at Errington Hall over the years?” Mrs Millin paused for a moment before answering, “ Well, no, no I s’pose I don’t deny it Sir, there’s something I find quite nice, quite pleasurable inside, seeing some of them young maids getting a good hiding on their bare behinds, p’raps because it used to happen to me so often.”

Sir Edward pondered before responding, “Or perhaps Emily, it is because you are a woman who does not have a man in her life and your interests have taken an unnatural turn.” Mrs Millin again swallowed hard, “Maybe there’s some truth in that Sir Edward,” she added reluctantly as she lowered her head and drew her lips tightly together.

Again Sir Edward tapped the cane across the centre of the housekeeper’s bottom. “Well, whatever the reason Emily, it seems only fitting that you get another taste of the cane yourself. Two dozen strokes, just like I witnessed you receiving from my father,” he said with an air of determination in his voice.

Testing the cane through the air in readiness, the unmistakeable swish as it cut through the air caused the housekeeper to flinch and was a stark reminder of days gone by. Yes, it was a sound that she had relished many times as countless maids had awaited their fate over the years, but knowing that it was now her own bottom that was about to feel the unforgiving bite of the cane, it was a different proposition. She wanted it, yes, perhaps truly wanted it, she’d learnt that about herself at Sir Rupert’s hands, but just as it had been those years ago, the moments before a caning filled her with nothing but dread.

After once more aligning the cane with the centre of the housekeeper’s bottom, Sir Edward drew it back and unleashed the first merciless stroke across her full and beckoning buttocks. As the cane met its target and bit deep into tender flesh, the housekeeper emitted a shrill and piercing scream which filled the room. As the full bite of the cane exploded in her bottom, Mrs Millin certainly knew that she wasn’t going to be given an easy ride, and if she had in any way forgotten how painful the cane was, she was certainly reminded of it now.

Mrs Millin didn’t have to wait long for the cane to bite into her flesh once more, and as stroke followed stroke her cries grew ever louder as she twisted and writhed across the desk.
With six strokes given, Sir Edward paused and ran his hand over the housekeeper’s challenged buttocks enjoying the feel of the hard and colourful ridges which had risen on the pinnacle of each cheek.

This moment of respite proved only brief as once more Sir Edward offered the cane to the housekeeper’s bottom before applying the next agonising stroke which added further fire to her already burning bottom. The next few strokes followed swiftly, barely giving the housekeeper time to catch her breath before the next stroke followed. As the twelfth stroke landed squarely across the centre of the housekeeper’s buttocks she near collapsed across the desk, her hands straying back desperately wanting to rub away her anguish but knowing that she must wait for permission. Such was her agony, tears began to flow down her pretty face.

Sir Edward lowered the cane, at this mid-point in her punishment, it seemed fitting to allow Emily Millin a few moments to compose herself before subjecting her to the final twelve strokes. ”Very well Emily, you may rub yourself,“ Sir Edward informed her.
Mrs Millin wasted little time in clasping her bottom with both hands before frantically rubbing her wounds. “Oh Sir,” she muttered. “Me be’ind feels like it’s being roasted.”

Chapter 5 Winning Maya

During his travels, Sir Edward had visited some far flung places and rubbed shoulders with many unusual characters. Whilst heading for Australia, and seeking refuge from stormy waters, the ship in which he was travelling dropped anchor amidst the shelter of an archipelago somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Invited onto land during a lull in the storms, Edward and some of his travelling companions found themselves guests of an eccentric Englishman called Buthroy, who had apparently landed there some years before quite by accident as he too had been heading for Australia.

After discovering an abandoned plantation house, Buthroy had decided to stay and make it his home. Although habitable, It was now in a state of some decay, not that this seemed to bother their congenial host who welcomed them to stay with him until it was safe to continue their journey. Whatever the disrepair of the building, it was infinitely preferable to being tossed about precariously on an extremely angry and dangerous ocean.

As the stormy weather continued Edward and his companions remained on the island for some days, looking forward to continuing their journey at the earliest opportunity and amusing themselves with card games, copious amounts of liquor and the pleasures afforded by the many young servant girls that Buthroy kept at the house and who seemed to be part of the island group’s indigenous population.

The night before they left the island though, whilst Edward was on a winning streak playing poker and with their host all but cleaned out, Buthroy had staked a final challenge by throwing his favourite servant into the ring, a stunning young woman named Maya. With everything hanging on the turn of the final card, the atmosphere could have been cut with a knife, but on that night it seemed that the gods were watching over Edward and as the face of the final card was revealed, Edward walked away with a small fortune in cash and mesmerizingly beautiful young Maya into the bargain, leaving poor old Buthroy close to tears.

The following day as they bade Buthroy farewell and thanked him for his hospitality, Edward slipped Buthroy’s money into the palm of his hand closing his fingers around it while insisting that Maya was payment enough.

Chapter 6 The Caning Continues

As Mrs Millin continued to rub herself, Sir Edward’s eyes studied the vivid parallel stripes that embossed the housekeeper’s bottom. His personal challenge would be to fill in the gaps between those stripes during the remainder of the punishment. Sir Edward decided to scrutinise her further. Touching the tip of the cane against the centre of the housekeeper’s back he asked her to remove her dress and remaining undergarments until she presented as totally naked for the remainder of her caning. “I want to see you without those drab, unbecoming clothes Emily,” he informed her.

Mrs Millin stood upright “Very well Sir,” she responded as she began to obediently remove her garments one by one. It was many years since Mrs Millin had presented herself unclothed before a man, but somehow the experience of doing this at Sir Edward’s request meant that she would certainly not protest.

Placing the cane onto the top of the desk, Sir Edward began his scrutiny of the now naked housekeeper. As his eyes scanned her every inch, Edward was not disappointed with what he saw. Large ripe breasts hung before the housekeeper which Sir Edward gently kneaded whilst strumming her nipples with his thumbs before running his hands down her belly arriving at the wild, coarse bush which announced the gateway to her femininity. Despite the fuller figure that she now possessed, the housekeeper’s flesh felt firm and apart from the marks of her caning, her skin was pure and unblemished. “As I told you Emily, you are indeed a very appealing woman,” said Sir Edward.

With the cane once more clasped in his hand, Sir Edward instructed the housekeeper to reposition herself over the desk for the remainder of her caning.

Once more squaring the cane to the centre of her ample bottom he tapped it gently against her cheeks before raising it high above his shoulder and unleashing the next stroke. The housekeeper emitted a high-pitched scream as the challenge of another agonising explosion spread throughout her bottom. With each subsequent cane stroke further challenging her mettle, Mrs Millin tightened her grip on the far edge of the desk as her squeals of anguish echoed wildly around the study. Sir Edward’s intention to fill in the gaps on the housekeeper’s bottom, proved more difficult than he imagined, as the housekeeper wriggled and squirmed across the desk.

“Four more strokes to go Emily,” announced Sir Edward. Mrs Millin slowly nodded her acknowledgement of this, convinced that any attempt to speak would cause her to break into sobs.
The next two strokes were swiftly dispatched and although not the hardest she’d endured, were enough to impart a mighty sting to the upper portion of her bottom causing her buttocks to quiver as she tensed and untensed her knees in a futile attempt to quell her discomfort.

With just two more strokes remaining, Sir Edward focused on the delightful crease where buttock and thigh merge, so well defined in those with a fuller bottom and forming such a tempting target. Sir Edward prided himself in his accuracy with the cane and waited for the housekeeper to compose herself before delivering the penultimate stroke. Drawing the cane back he drove it hard against her flesh exactly as intended, painting a white line which flushed red in an instant, across this enticing target. The housekeeper screamed her loudest yet as she slumped across the desk, her hands once more hovering behind her, desperate for permission to rub her throbbing behind as tears began to flow freely down her face.

“All right Emily, one more stroke and it’s all over for now.”
Remaining in position, Mrs Millin turned her head as far as it would go, “For now Sir Edward? she questioned through stifled sobs. ”You mean I’m going to get more canings?” Sir Edward chose not to respond and for the final stroke offered the cane squarely across the centre of her bottom, already so beautifully ravaged by the earlier strokes. With his intention to make the final stroke the most memorable, Sir Edward focused on the most prominent weal on the housekeeper’s bottom and brought the cane down firmly across it. This act of reigniting an earlier wound undoubtedly having the desired effect as she screamed and contorted wildly

“All right Emily, you may rub yourself,” Sir Edward eventually announced. Mrs Millin, wasted no time in clasping her buttocks and frantically attempting to rub away the anguish of her punishment as Sir Edward enjoyed the scene.

“Blimey that really, really ‘urt she muttered,” as she regained some of her composure. “I’d almost forgotten just how bloomin’ painful it is to get caned,” she added.

Chapter 7 Mrs Millin is Fucked

Putting the cane aside, Sir Edward stepped forward and assisted the housekeeper in rubbing her wounds. As his fingertips traversed her buttocks the feel of the raised weals that adorned them bore testimony to the effectiveness of the caning and as the housekeeper groaned to his touch he allowed his hand to slip between her thighs and feel the moistness of her arousal.

It was an arousal that he had no intention of wasting and as he released his rapidly swelling member from the confines of his clothing, Sir Edward thrust it unceremoniously into the beckoning, moist chasm of Mrs Millin’s vagina. Despite the agony that flourished within her buttocks from the caning, she did not protest. Knowing that her punishment had taken her close to orgasm and with it being many years since she had felt a man’s part inside her she wanted nothing more than for Sir Edward to take her to the glorious prize which had eluded her for so long.

As Sir Edward thrust himself to the hilt, the feel of his body pressing against her tender buttocks only added to the housekeeper’s arousal. At this moment, her entire body felt more alive than it had ever done and as Sir Edward’s member began working within her slowly and deliberately, she began to moan with pleasure. As Sir Edward gradually gathered pace, he reached beneath her, grasping her ample breasts and kneading them firmly like erotic dough. In the privacy of her bedchamber, Emily Millin was frequently guilty of enjoying the pleasures of her own body. She had often wondered what dear old Bennett would have thought if she’d known the destination of some of the fruits and vegetables that had disappeared from the kitchen, which along with the candles she had ‘borrowed’ from the storeroom had at least offered some satisfaction over the years.

As Sir Edward continued his quest, Emily Millin wanted the moment to last forever, but as she once more grasped the far edge of the desk with all her might, the height of her arousal from the caning still invaded every part of her and all too soon she gave way to an ecstatic cry as her body weakened and she slumped across the desk in a state of perfect bliss. With Sir Edward’s own journey not quite complete he continued to thrust until, just moments later, he too reached his goal.

Sir Edward permitted himself a short while to savour the moment, pausing until his hardness began to wane before stepping back from the housekeeper. “Stay exactly where you are Emily,” he announced, and after rearranging his clothing, Sir Edward went through the door which led to the rooms Sir Rupert had liked to refer to as his private quarters.

With her buttocks still throbbing, Mrs Millin rubbed herself as she awaited Sir Edward’s return, unsure what the future moments had in store for her.

Chapter 8 Maya’s Touch

During his latter years, Sir Rupert had spent much of his time in his ‘private quarters’, with it common knowledge amongst the staff, that well before the tragic demise of his second wife, he rarely shared true intimacy with her.

Lady Errington it seemed, had preferred the company of younger men and had also been known to enjoy the company of some of the prettier young maids who were employed at Errington Hall. Speculation was rife that Sir Rupert had reached an age where he could no longer perform in the traditional way and sought solace in his passion for administering corporal punishment. I

f this was true, even Lady Errington did not escape uns**thed and was frequently summonsed to the study where her bare bottom suffered merciless treatment at Sir Rupert’s eager hands. It seemed they both underestimated the inquisitiveness of the staff and were blissfully unaware that little went unnoticed.

Sir Edward returned to the study, closely followed by Maya, who was completely naked. He advised the housekeeper that Maya would tend her wounds and rub some Olroyd’s ointment into her buttocks to relieve the soreness.

Maya was without doubt a most enchanting young creature, long black hair framed a mesmerizingly beautiful face, and as Mrs Millin ran her eyes over the perfect contours of Maya’s delightful golden figure, she relished the moment when she would feel the young woman’s touch.

After dipping her fingers into the jar, Maya began rubbing the ointment into the housekeeper’s wounded buttocks, massaging it deeply into the raised red weals which traversed her cheeks causing Mrs Millin to wince as the swollen stripes were rubbed. “She knows exactly what to do Emily,” advised Sir Edward.
Despite the initial discomfort, Mrs Millin sighed to the pleasure of the beautiful young woman’s touch.

“I’ve frequently tended her own bottom after a caning, can’t speak a ruddy word of English and frequently does the opposite of what she’s told so she’s suffered a fair few canings on that pretty little behind of hers,” he added.

With Maya tending her bottom, Mrs Millin tried her hardest to maintain her composure. Although it was only minutes since she had felt the thrill of orgasm, the touch of this delightful young woman was already igniting her once more, and as Maya’s nimble fingers worked the ointment into her tender buttocks, the housekeeper began to groan with pleasure. Sir Edward watched the display with interest. For him there was no better spectacle than two, delightfully appealing woman interacting in such fashion.

Eventually, Maya stood back and with the housekeeper’s bottom thoroughly tended, Sir Edward ran his hands over her cane ravaged buttocks. The shine of the ointment had brought out the colours of the cane marks so vividly and presented a glorious, erotic tapestry of different hues.

Easing the housekeeper’s buttocks apart, Sir Edward paused for a moment to savour the delight of the neat, puckered ring of her anus before slipping his hand between her legs. The juices which flowed from within her had entwined with the enchanted forest of her bush, so much so that some had dripped to the floor leaving no doubt that Emily Millin had enjoyed Maya’s attentions far more than she ought to.

Sir Edward smiled to himself knowing that such inappropriate behaviour would make it near impossible to resist inviting the housekeeper back to his study for another caning and with the image of her anus fresh in his mind, he conjured thoughts of the delights of sodomising such an appealing woman.

“Well Emily, you may gather your clothing and dress yourself before returning to your duties,” said Sir Edward with a smile. “Thank you Sir.” replied the housekeeper wasting little time in replacing her clothing, but as she gathered her hair to reform her bun, she paused to watch as Sir Edward beckoned Maya to stand before him and offered a hand to the thick, dark bush which surrounded the young woman’s vagina.

As if mesmerised by the scene, the housekeeper watched intently as Sir Edward slipped a finger inside the young woman before offering that finger to his lips as he eagerly savoured the flavour of her nectar. Maya was obviously no stranger to Sir Edward’s ways, and as he once more picked up the cane, she needed little instruction in positioning her delightful body over the desk in readiness for punishment. With Maya bent over the desk Mrs Millin’s eyes became focused on the young woman’s bottom and despite the soreness which remained within her own swollen behind, at that moment in time she believed that Maya had the most perfect bottom she had ever set eyes upon.

The mischievous streak that had been within Sir Edward as a c***d still remained within him and aware that Mrs Millin would undoubtedly relish the opportunity of watching Maya caned across her magnificent naked buttocks, he advised the housekeeper that she must now return to her duties.

As the housekeeper left the study and closed the heavy, oak door behind her she walked just a few steps along the corridor unable to resist pausing as her insides tingled in anticipation of Maya’s caning. She listened for a moment and although greatly dulled by the thickness of the door, she was soon to hear the unmistakable sound of the cane as it challenged the beautiful young woman. Although Maya spoke no English, her cries of anguish were universal and told the tale that Sir Edward was once more showing no mercy.

Heading away from the study along the empty corridor, Mrs Millin had a smile on her face as her hands strayed to rub the soreness from her behind. Despite the immediate agony of each and every stroke of the cane she’d received in her time working at Errington Hall, she had always derived curious pleasure from the soreness of the aftermath and looked forward to the time later in the day when she could retire to her bedchamber and privately study the wounds on her bottom in the mirror.

Heading toward the kitchen to see how Mrs Bennett was progressing with the preparation of supper, Mrs. Millin could only wonder how long she would have to wait before Sir Edward once more summonsed her to the study.

The End

By Tobias J

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