Beach house shower

It was a long holiday weekend and my boyfriend and I were spending it at my mom’s beach house with the rest of my family. The house is amazing, huge, and literally 40 feet from the ocean. The first day there was so busy with k**s running around, my sisters wanting to chat, and cooking and cleaning underway. All day I gazed at him longingly. I was so insanely horny for him! I thought about when we might finally be alone and could feel the heat between my legs and my pussy throbbing along with it.

I hadn’t even been able to sneak a kiss all day, and it was torture. Finally at one point we passed in the kitchen and nobody was around. I smiled at him devilishly and he slipped his hand between my legs from the back, pressing my jeans quickly but firmly against my wet pussy, and i whimpered and nearly crumpled to the floor. My body was so sensitive, every nerve on edge for his touch. He just smiled and walked away, I could tell he was loving the sweet torture I was going through. Left in the kitchen squeezing my thighs together, feeling like i might cum right then with anticipation, my mom walked in and I pulled myself together, turning away to hide my hard nipples showing through my tight top.

The day turned into night and everyone started to wind down and s**tter. I couldn’t handle another minute. I was sure my panties were drenched with wetness, i could feel my clit all slippery when i walked. I came up behind him and grabbed his arm gently and kissed the back of his shoulder through his shirt and whispered “come”. He followed my lead and we went inside the house to the bathroom. He locked the door behind us and we were finally alone. I sighed with relief as I knew I could finally have him. I ran my fingertips over my huge breasts, through the fabric of my shirt and felt a chill up my spine and stepped towards him. He took his shirt off and tossed it aside and my hands reached for his pants zipper. He grabbed my hands to stop me and i whined a little noise out and he gave me a look. I forgot to mention until now, my boyfriend is also my Master.

He pushed my hands away and told me “no”. He brushed my long black hair behind my shoulders with his strong hands and started to undress me. I stood silently as he took off every piece of clothing and my breathing quickened and my heart began racing as i became more and more naked before him. My nipples stood rock hard and puckered and i was left in just my sheer mesh panties. He leaned close to me and said softly “kneel”. As I know my submissive positions, i knelt, ass resting on my calves and hands on the tops of my thighs. I looked forward obediently, heart thundering now, feeling my pussy juices dripping out of me. Belonging to him is my greatest turn on. He undid his pants in front of me and slid them and his underwear down and kicked them aside. His hard dick was now presented right in front of my face.

My eyes turned up to his face for permission and he gave me a nod. I eagerly enveloped the tip of his cock in my hot, wet mouth. My tongue ring grazed the underside of his shaft as i slid more and more of his length into my mouth. I moaned softly and my eyes closed as he glided down into my throat. I now had his full length in my mouth and throat and i sucked and slid my lips and tongue back and forth as he watched. I felt his hands suddenly scoop up all my hair into both fists and he took control of my head. I relaxed my neck to give him his power and he fucked my face as a small puddle formed between my knees, dripping from my pussy. I was so thrilled, my tits were bouncing, he was fucking my mouth, i squirmed a little but stayed in position as best i could until he released my hair and took me by the hand to stand. He turned me away from him and pushed me softly to bend over and touch the floor. He peeled my wet panties off of me and he smiled at the amount of juice that had escaped me already. I stood and he led me into the shower where he pressed me up against the cold tile. My mouth was red and wet from being fucked, and as he stepped into the shower behind me and closed the curtain, i bit my lip, as i do when i am extremely turned on.

He turned the water on hot and let the shower spray around us. He leaned in close to my ear and said “wall”. To which i responded by getting into position, hands up against the wall above my head, and feet spread apart. He had his left hand on my left shoulder and i felt his right hand slide down my hip, down my thigh, and back up my thigh, coming up between my legs. His fingers collided with my swollen clit and i buckled, thighs wanting to close, he ordered softly but sternly “Open!” And i immediately resumed my wall position. He rubbed my pussy opening, so slippery and wet. I felt two of his large fingers find my little fuckhole and was ready for him. Without warning, he instead pressed four fingertips against my hole and i yelped softly as he shushed me. He pushed four big fingers the rest of the way in.

I tried to stay as quiet as possible as he fingered me with almost his whole hand. We had been training and stretching my pussy to take big toys and working towards his fist, so this was a welcome feeling as he buried his hand deep in me and i moaned and quivered, feeling a big orgasm building. I struggled to stay in position as he fucked my pussy with his hand and i listened to the wet sound it was making and felt his hard dick brush against me every so often. I finally couldn’t hold it any longer and i softly spoke in a shaking voice “can i cum?” He sped his movements slightly and told me “Cum now.” It took everything in me not to scream as i came hard on his hand and squirt ran down his wrist.

I was shaking and my legs were weak but i knew he wasn’t done with me yet. Leaving the shower running, he flew the curtain open and sat on a towel on the closed toilet and pulled me towards him, facing away from him. I straddled his lap and felt his hands on my hips guiding me to slide down on his shaft. I sat on his hard cock and moaned ecstatically as he filled me. His hands slipped around my dripping body and grabbed my tits as i rode him, bouncing on his lap. I wanted his cum so fucking bad, and fucked him as hard as i could. I felt another orgasm coming so i asked him again, “can I cum?” But this time he told me to wait. I almost bit a hole in my lip trying to hold it back but i knew he told me to wait because he wanted us to cum together, so it was worth it.

I felt like i was going to burst and my thighs were burning from this ride. My pussy slid up and down on him and i felt him grab my hair again, i was thinking he was about to cum, i knew i was. I changed my motion to more of a deep grind and reached down between my legs and cupped his balls in my hand, and that was it. He told me “Cum now!” And we both came together, moaning and writhing against eachother. I felt his dick pulsating inside me, emptying his cum deep in my pussy. My nipples were so hard they were hurting and i was so satisfied. I rested still sitting on his lap, chest heaving, hearing the water run in the shower, my heart pounding in my ears, and the waves crashing on the beach outside. He had me get up carefully and told me keep my thighs closed. I looked at him intently and he smiled and said, “I think i got my slut pregnant this time.” I smiled back, obedient little slut in love.

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