Going to a party

Some years back when I was subbing to Mistress J I was asked if I fancied going to a party with her as her sub. This was an honour indeed as she had her favourite older TV maid who was unwell at the time. I made excuses at home that I had to go to a meeting and needed to go overnight. She told me that we be travelling to a place just outside Bristol where her friend was having a girlie party. I thought a nice night out as a subby friend escort for drinks and snacks. The usual party I thought. Not quite. When I got to her house she said that I needed to get ready to travel. I told her I had got a smart jacket and tie on for the occasion and didn’t want to “overdress” with a suit. I was told not to be silly as I was going as her sub and needed to arrive suitably attired in a slave harness and collar and nothing else. She said that I could wear an overcoat in the car until we got there but it would have to come off before knocked on the door. I was told not to worry as it was a big secluded house and very private.
She helped me put on the harness and inserted a butt plug in my backside before tightening the lower strap to the back of it. It was very tight and pulled around the ring over my cock and balls, forcing an erection that was hard to control and get down. Because of this she insisted I wore a Durex for the journey so as not “make as spunky mess” on her car seats.
It was freezing cold outside and she gave me a 3/4 coat to put on to get to the car on her driveway. I was a bit bothered about this as I liked my privacy and just wearing a coat over my new attire made me wonder who would see me. It was around 6.00pm and quite busy outside with cars and people. Out we went and I got in the car unnoticed by anyone. Once we got going I was told to open the coat at the bottom so she could keep an eye on my cock. i was told if I got too excited she would make a note of it and sort it out on arrival. That usually meant punishment. We drove for the best part of 4 hours to a place just outside Bristol called Emersons Green. It was down some country lane that we finally turned into a driveway and I could see a big house with several cars outside. Very posh indeed. I was told to remove the coat and throw it on the back seat. She stopped the car and I was ordered out to stand by the car at attention. It was freezing cold and the wind cut through me. The moon was full and lit me up as if I was on a stage. Then a lead was attached and we set off to the door. My cock had now shrivelled up and practically disappeared with the Durex just clinging on. Knock Knock on the door and a sissy made opened it and asked us in. I was told to stay in the hallway and the lead was given to the sissymaid to look after me. She led me to the kitchen area where I was wrmed up by her hot hands around my cock and balls. I could see that this was making her very happy. She then gave me instructions on how to carry a tray of drinks. Off came the lead and I was sent into the room full of older women and a couple of TV’s. I offered drinks as instructed and one woman in her 80’s put her hand on my genitals squeezing gently asking if I was a good boy or not. There were a few sniggers from people nearby. I got the impression she was known for this behaviour. A few minutes later another woman was getting everyones attention to wish the old lady a happy retirement. I was then beckoned by her to come forward and some very large curtaind pulled back to reveal an array of punishment items from whips to canes to paddles to electrics, whipping benches, St Andrews cross and a gynae table. All had been the old girls working gear and as one last fling she was going to demonstrate them all. Guess who on? me.
My Mistress told me to do exactly as she ordered as it was her party. I was removed from the harness and the plug also removed. Then strapped to the whipping stool. I was gagged and the old dear took a whip to demonstrate to everyone how to bring a slave under control. How those lashes hurt and my screams were muffled with the gag. That over, bidding started. I thought it was for me but it was the whipping bench. Then a machine with a wheel and motor were brought behind me. On the end was a large rubber penis shaped thing. I think I knew what was going to happen. I felt cool lube being applied to my arsehole and a probing finger lubing the inside of me. It was also probing and I felt it rubbing a sensitive point. That was my prostate. The woman then informed the audience of about 12 that I was to be “machine milked”. A small jar was placed under my cock and she explained that the strokes would be short and slow to just get the clear juices from me without the white creamy spunk. It was quite pleasant and the gag was removed. I was asked to say what it was like. All I could say was that it felt pleasant. Some of the other women wanted to know why I was allowed pleasure. The old woman said it was to enable a slave to feel at ease with it’s owner and to build trust. Then the machine stopped and the jar of clear juices passed around for all to look at. There was far more than the leakages of pre cum. I think some were interested and others not so. Then the machine started up again thrusting in longer strokes and gradually speeding up. They were told that this would clear the balls as well. The more it thrusted I could feel control of my balls and cock going and bang a massive orgasm with spunk all over the floor underneath me. There seemed gallons of the stuff. Lots of smiles and giggles from the audience with some clapping. I was released from the stool and made to look at all the cum. “Head down and lick the lot up” was the order from my Mistress. Down I went and it took about 10 minutes to shift the lot. I felt quite degraded and humiliated as they all watched and jeered me on. When it was all cleared I was locked in a large cage. Most of the other equipment was now being purchased by the women, who had the option to use it on me to test it’s suitability. One real Bitch pushed a cattle prod through the cage and gave me several shocks. Smailing all the time and teasing with non powered touches. I was ordered to open my legs and she placed the two prongs on my balls. “Well, should I or shouldn’t I ?” she asked. I pleaded for her not to. She stood there smiling and some others had now started watching. Zap, I got it and my balls felt like they had been kicked. ” Open again and spread those legs. Get tight up against the back of the cage” she ordered. Zaaaaaap! I was bouncing around in pain. My Mistress saw what was happening and asked if she was buying the prod. “Oh yes”, she said very positively as I winced in agony on the floor. This had been just a bit too cruel for any slave but I managed to survive even though I felt sick.
The purchasing was now almost completed with just a few who wnted to try out a couple of items on me. Most were simple things like restraints but there was a very strange item that looked like a saddle and seat with lots of straps. Nearly everyone wanted to see this in use. The old woman said that she had had it made years before to ride her slaves. I was sold to bend over and felt a plug go up my arse. On the end was fine leather strands and it was obviously a false tail. Staying in the bending position, with everyone watching, the seat was placed on my back and strapped tightly underneath me. She made a point of saying that the base was to be on the top of the pelvis. Then straps were pulled tight over my shoulders and connected to the strap under my belly. I was told to stand. Two pieces of leather padded extensions dropped down behind my thighs. She explained that these were wood linded for strength. These too were strapped tightly to my thighs and had stirrups on them. Lastly a head harness, blinkers and reins were put over my head. I had to bite on a rubber covered steel bar fixed tightly in my mouth. Then it was complete and I could be “ridden” like a male horse or donkey. “Who wants a go?” the retiree asked. Crikey nearly everyone wanted to ride me. The first climed into the seat on my back and I could feel the weight pulling on my shoulders, pelvis and thighs. She was given a riding crop to encourage me to move. I could feel the warmth of her body against me and the pressing of her breasts warm against my back. A sharp tap on my right buttock with the crop and a tightening of the reigns and I moved. Round the room we went with all the others laughing and encouraging her to go faster. Bang!, and the bottom strap aroung my waist snapped away putting an end to riding lessons.
The night had now set in and some wanted to drift off home with their purchases. My last job was simple and Mistress explained that the old lady wanted a really good cunnilingus session with a slave. I was held by her up against her cunt by my head and I gave it all I had. It took about 10 minutes or so it seemed to make her cum. She moaned in exctasy as she came pulling me harder against her. My Mistress told me to carry on until she said to stop. I did the best I could and she then said it was OK to stop as she had had enough. She actually thanked me, which I thought was nice.
Farewells were said and I was taken naked out to the car for the trip home. I put the coat on from the back seat and we set off home. It was still dark when we got back and there was no one around so I was told to get the coat off and go to the door naked. Mistress let me in and gave me time to warm up. I finally got a drink, a glass of whisky to help the warm up. She insisted I stayed until morning and was put in her slave cage for the rest of the night. In the morning when she woke she made me a drink and released me from the cage. I had one thing to do before I went home, to wank off in front of her and swallow the lot ” To keep submissive”

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