My first time with Gordon

It all started one Sunday afternoon when I started reading the personal ads. I noticed you could place a free ad in the personal section of the local newspaper. I am married but I been having a craving for a long time to get with a man again. It was a long time for me, last time was when I was younger and the neighbor boy and I would play with each other but that was long ago. Now a grown man I was getting the itch so I place a free ad in the newspaper in the m4m section.
A few days later I call the hotline number I was given and had a few messages from different men. Understand it had been a long time since I was with a man and was very nervous. One man’s voice stood out he sounded very nice and said he was not in a rush and like to take his time so I decided to call him back. For the next week or so Gordon and I talked over the phone and I explained my situation about being married and it had been a while since I had been with a man.
Gordon explained to me we could take our time and he lived alone not to far from me so I decided to meet with him on Friday evening.
I drove to his home not knowing what to expect. When I arrived I noticed he lived in a nice home at the end of the road. I walk up and knocked on the door. Gordon answered the door he was a tall balding man about 6’2 he had a nice smile and invited me inside.
He could tell I was nervous and he sat me down on the couch to talk. We told each other a little about ourselves and I began to relax and feel more comfortable with him. This went on for 1/2 hour or so until he told me to follow him into the bedroom.
My cock instantly began to come alive and started growing. He watched as I slowly started to undress my cock was as hard as a rock by now. As I was standing there I seen him staring at my cock when he started to take his cloth off, my eyes glued to every movement he made. When all off his cloths were off I found my self staring at his cock my mouth started watering and my cock did something it have never done before. It started drooling precum. I could barely contain myself when he took my hand and we climbed onto his bed.
We laid opposite of each other and I put my mouth over his cock and began sucking. Within a few minutes I was on top of him my cock in his mouth and his in mine. I was breathing heavy and my heart was pounding. I took my time sliding my mouth up and down on his cock enjoying every bit of it. I could not believe I was sucking this strangers cock the feeling was incredible. His cock was rock hard in my mouth I had no idea of how much time had passed. All this time he was sucking my cock the precum was just pouring from my cock and he seem to be enjoying it as much as I was.

I had no idea how much time had passed nor did I care when all the sudden his body got stiff and I felt the head of his cock swell inside my mouth then she shot his load. I just kept sucking and swallowing and it seem to go on forever. I have never tasted a man’s cum before but it went down my throat like nothing I have ever tasted before. We continued to suck each other cock for a time and he slides a finger into my ass. I was shocked at 1st but did not say a word just let him do to me what he wanted. All the sudden I found myself on my stomach. I knew what he was about to do to me and I welcomed it because my cock was soaked with precum again.

I told him to take it slow because I had not been with anyone in years. He positioned me so my ass was slightly up in the air and I felt the head of his cock touch my hole, it sent shock waves of pleasure through my body. I felt the head of his cock enter me when he stopped and waited, then a little more and stopped again and a little more until it was in all the way.He asked it I was ok I said yes that when he began to fuck me slowly pulling it out and pushing it back in. He took his time with me for the 1st 15 minutes until I was loosened up enough. By this time I was lying flat on my stomach and he was fucking me at a good pace when I notice there was a mirror on his dresser and I could watch him fucking me. The feeling was so good and I could not believe I was being fucked in my ass. Every time he pushed his cock all the way into me I could feel my cock squirt precum all the time looking into his mirror watching him thrush his cock deep into my ass. I found myself pushing my ass to meet his cock with each and every thrush he made. With one final thrust he came deep into my ass. When he was finished I asked if I could shower and cleanup he agreed.

I was just stepping out of the shower and heading into the bedroom to get dressed when grabbed my waist and dragged me over to the edge of the bed and bent me over and slide his cock all the way into my ass again and began to fuck me all over. My cock was rock hard. This time I knew what he wanted so I just lifted my ass and let him have me. With each powerful thrust he buried his cock deep into my ass and all the while my cock was drooling. I was looking into his mirror and could see his face he was enjoying it just as much as I was. He was pounding away at me and I noticed my feet were no longer on the floor and he was holding me up slamming his cock into me. He kept pushing his cock harder and deer into my ass and I could tell he was about to cum again. It was so exciting my heart was racing and at the same time he came in my ass I shot my load all over his bed.
I showered again and thank him for the wonderful time I had that’s when I looked at his clock and seen 4 1/2 hours had passed since I arrived.

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