The conquest…

The conquest – she was ready – it had taken a while but her reflection in the mirror was an image she was happy with – the smile said it all – hot lips and more.
It had taken a while as so often it did from rising early that morning, having a hot tub soak in her favourite perfumed oils and relaxing as she shave her 36 inch long slim sexy legs and her bikini line. Douched in case her sweet pussy was taken later – well she had planned the day for it to happen so better be properly prepared in every way.
Drying herself on her fluffy towels she powdered and then applied her lipstick and paint – eyes, cheeks, brows, red hot lips all neatly outlined and coloured in hot deep colours to set her face alive and enhance her underlying feminine beauty. She brushed out her hair – shoulder blonde should work the room well she decided.
Lingerie – hot red satin with sheer black stockings and black six inch high heeled pumps so her legs were enhanced further.
Skirt – short flirty red satin with a black satin waist slip under lace edged with small red roses motif. Blouse – black sheer showing off her red satin bra cups which pulled together and pushed up her small pert sexy tits and hardening nipples in the satin cups. Jacket to cover her modesty for the drive to the club.
Necklace – choker style, earrings hooped and hand finger rings two thereof and bracelet to complete her look. Spraying her favourite perfume she looked back at her reflection one last time – hot lady she thought as she picked up her car keys and handbag. Then she changed her mind. Public transport. Run the gauntlet. Go for it lady. So she stepped out of her front door and walked proudly down the road and stood by the bus stop. Head held high and heels making a sensational erotic sound with each step she took. After about 10 minutes a car pulled up – the passenger door opened and a voice hollered – hey baby omg gorgeous lady want a lift? A knight in shining armour, well in this nice Mercedes sport would do. She slipped into the passenger seat her skirt now riding way too high up her lags and stockings on show as she tried to clip the seat belt shut. Let me – he leaned across he smelt divine and his touch was gentle as he moved across her fine outstanding chest clipped the belt and as he returned his hands to his side of the car he smoothed her skirt across her lap. Nice legs he commented. Thank you. Where we going then? We? She thought for a moment – well I was heading to a club I know for the day – just love the scene there. Ok perhaps I’ll take you and join you as I have a free day it seems now. How does that sound and with that he asked where the club was and put his right foot to the floor and off they sped into town.

He knew of the club but did not let her know this fact but somehow drove straight to the car park without asking for directions. Once parked his hand was unclipping her seat belt and strayed to her chest and gently massaged her breasts through her blouse. She closed her eyes his mouth met her own and his kiss was long deep and full of passion as his hands continued to mould her tits and her nipples hardened within her bra cups. The kiss ended. She looked into his eyes smiled and felt his crotch. His cock was rock hard within. Without a second thought she unzipped him and slipped his cock into her welcoming mouth. She sucked him from tip to stem and felt him throb and pulse as she did so. He moaned and grabbed her tits again. He pinched her nipples. His cock was divine, tasty, thick, juice filled, cream filled, ripe and so wonderful to take in her mouth. She sucked him and enjoyed him and he enjoyed her oral skills and let her suck and suck, lick and kiss his cock. He could hold back no longer and held her head as he cried out and spent his cum and cream deep into her mouth and throat. They sit quietly contemplating what has just happened. She speaks first – well what now – do you still want to spend the day at the club? You bet darling, this is just the start now I have felt your whore’s mouth and tits I want to see you used in there as my slut. Before she could answer he had a collar round her neck and a leash attached. Serve me well and you’ll be well rewarded, let me down and well you do not want to think about what may happen. Do you understand? Yes sir she replied. Good girl. Now let’s get in there and party. Oh and let’s have you calling me Sir and Master from now on ok sweet slut? Yes Sir, Master she replied. He walked round to her side of the car and took hold of the leash and tugged her from the car seat and walked her to the club entrance. Come along slut he shouted as they neared the door. Now remember whose slut you are once inside as this collar and leash – he tugged once more but with a little more force and I think you can shed some clothes too. That coat can go for starters.

He paid and they walked into the club lobby.
It was quite busy with men and girls mingling and chatting and kissing and well eyeing each other up.
Lots of cock in? There are a few – several were busy wanking in the cinema last viewing the bargirl advised. The next porno show is due to start just now.
Coat off slut, leash off me thinks while you service a few guys in there.
Yes dear in you go.
No cock to be refused.
Do the rounds and do so on your knees.
They entered the cinema room, comprising a small screen surrounded by seating some sofa style, couches and a couple of chaise longs.
Men were wanking to the latest showing – a she-male in satin dancing on the screen showing herself to anyone watching, then a guy joined her and stripped her and started to fuck her ass.
Sir-Master she asked turning – that one first he looks dirty enough for you to enjoy servicing him some – the guy turned to see her drop to her knees and take his hard cock in her mouth. He smiled in the dim light. Other guys turned noticing the live sex now showing. The screen movie seemed unimportant. A girl on her knees taking cock was better. They encouraged her. Wanking harder as she sucked harder. One guy pushed her head onto the cock another tugged her blouse from her shoulders and unclipped her bra. His hands groped her tits and tweaked her nipples. The guy being sucked moaned. He pulled from her mouth and as he came sprayed his come over her mouth and face. She licked his cock clean and her lips too. Another took his cock and pushed it into her mouth as she stayed on her knees. There were now 6 guys stood now in a circle around her offering their own cocks. She took each in turn, sucking some wanking others one by one. Her tits were enjoyed. Her face was covered as one by one the cocks came. The movie stopped and the guys who had been serviced left for a drink. Nice whore you have there they commented to her guy as they emptied the cinema room. Good girl he told her. Attached her leash. Dragged her to her feet. Instructed her to pick up her coat, blouse and bra he took her out into the bar area.

Water for my slut and a coffee for me.
Now get dressed again – oh go and freshen up first.
He unclipped the leash and directed her to the dressing room area.

She tottered in and cleaned her face, freshened her make-up and hair and perfume.
A few girls were changing and they asked her who the guy with her was – oh Sir, Master he picked me up on the street where I live and drove me here, never got to ask his name we have been a little re-occupied for such niceties sorry ladies. Well if you are here as a slut suck this – one of the sexily clad ladies lifted her short dress and pulled her thick cock from her satin panties and approached her and said open wide girl and suck now. She instantly went to her knees and took what was being offered. The other girls watched on as she used her hot mouth on the clit-cock presented for sucking. Every inch was enjoyed from tip to stem and covered with her freshly applied hot lip gloss too. Gushing forth was the thickest sweetest cream and devoured in full.
Hot mouth you have sweet sexy slut. I’ll remember for alter of I don’t get lucky here today.
She tucked herself back into her panties and eft with her friend to enjoy the club.

Meanwhile our lady once again freshened herself up and saw Sir-master standing clapping – well done slut another piece of excellent work. Also dear slut I have just located your next assignment – well area of work – come with me – oh sorry – leash on – follow me, hurry along. They were soon in the dungeon room. A hot dominant lady dresser was stood with whips, paddles, ropes, cuffs and crops. Here use her for your pleasure said Sir-Master. Thank you for allowing me her body for a while.

Slut here – she tottered to the lady’s side. Blouse off, skirt off. Right face the cross and spread legs and lift arms. Good slut. Now here we go, roped, cuffed – so nicely secured by your ankles and wrists. Just where you should be for a while. Oh yes this ball gag will keep you quiet too while we enjoy your body for our pleasure and delight darling slut and this blindfold ensure anonymity for your teasers, pleasers and tormentors. Suddenly she felt a crop on her bottom. Then a whip across her thighs and back. The cross being central to the room allowed people to walk in front of it or behind. Someone pulled het tits from her satin bra cups and attached clamps with a chain link and tugged upon it this stretching her tits and nipples as she was whipped and cropped. Her panties were ripped from her bottom and the crop and whip now were attacking her exposed ass cheek flesh and stinging all the more. Her ass cheeks were stretched open and held open and she felt something cold applied to her pussy and then an object inserted which was then inflated to fill her. She squirmed in response to this latest invader and the nipple torture. The invader in her pussy was growing ever larger and she felt she would burst then it seemed to sense her limits and stopped and she felt sexy and her hips tried to sway and enjoy it but then her nipples were stretched more and the pain seared trough her brain but more whippings abated the pleasure a while. Good slut she heard – both from the dominatrix and Sir-Master. She felt the item in her ass-pussy deflate and slip out. Her wrists and ankles were released. She was held as the ball gag was removed together with the blindfold and her eyes slowly adjusted to the dim light in the dungeon and she saw quite a few guys and girls standing and they were all looking sexy. They seemed to have enjoyed her little show. Her nipples were still clamped when Sir-Master gave one tug sharply and they came off almost with her nipples attached. Now slut go shower and change into this outfit and return in half an hour to the orgy room.

The dress was simple – white – lace effect – quite sheer – halter fastening.
A note attached indicated she was to wear no bra, no panties and her cage to be in place secure with a pink ribbon attached as and added extra.
She changed into the dress and sprayed perfume all over her showered body fresh for more sex or whatever else Sir-master had planned for her.
Her collar still in place showed he had powers till over her at the club.
She was his slut for the day.

Tottering on her high heels she found the orgy room and opening the door saw 20 guys and ladies in various states of dress and undress. Men wanking near girls, girls sucking cocks, men sucking cocks and girl on girl sex. As she entered they all stopped and formed a circle with her in the middle.
Sir-Master spoke – my slut is here is available for anything dark kinky sexy – enjoy her use her mind body and soul in any way you desire. The first guy just pulled her close and kissed her mouth roughly and groped her ass and tits through the filmy dress – hey gang she’s caged see even a pink ribbon no cock to enjoy here spank her ass and fuck her. He sat on a bench and pulled her dress up and spanked her 12 times opening her ass cheeks and spat on his fingers and hand and applied them as lube for her pussy – dropping her over the padded bench he then produced his hard cock and roughly forced it into her ass whilst grunting and pounding her for all he was worth, wow, hot pussy here guys come and get yourself a piece when I’ve done – soon he came and her ass dribbled his cum – she’s wet and open now for the next cock. A second guy came and dropped his cock into her vacant ass-pussy and whilst he was fucking her hard got his friend to fuck her face at the same time. Her ever eager mouth receiving his cock easily and sucking him and draining his cream as both cocks came in unison – one filled her pussy the other her whore’s mouth and throat. Three girls then came and stood with their dates, she now saw six hot cocks and the group kissed one another, fondled each other and then after playing with their cocks alone and together they sprayed her face and left. A quite large gentleman approached – his cock small in comparison to his bulk – may I have the honour of fucking you my dear he enquired – I am not big but enjoyed watching the others taking you for their pleasure and feel hot horny and needing release myself. Sir-master interjected – feel free sir no need to ask just take and enjoy. His cock slipped into her and she felt nothing as his cock was so dainty and small – he moaned and groaned and pumped and pumped and then squealed like a piglet as he shot his load. Thank you my dear. My pleasure sir and she licked his cock and balls clean. Soon all cocks had gone and Sir-Master and slut were alone in the room. Without speaking he grabbed her hips tight and slipped his cock deep into her ass-pussy and pumped hard and rough shouting obscenities in her ears how she was a dirty whore and complete slut and was his slut ok? Upon depositing his cream he spanked her hard.

Now go change for home whore you’re done here now.
They drove back to her street in silence.
He unfastened the collar.
Same time next week Sam? He asked as she walked off into the dark – she felt used abused but alive – why not? She called back and went on her way home – what would her wife say? Better get back she gets home she thought.

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