The Weekend

A story inspired by the very sweet and sexy samantha satine and my beautiful wife

Part 1 – The preparation

samantha packed her suitcase with her usual attention to detail, makeup, lingerie, wigs, but no dresses. Her head was confused by this, Master D had given her instructions to pack several changes of silky underwear and plenty of heels and boots but not to worry about dresses or outerwear. “You wont be needing them” he said. samantha’s head raced with excitement and a bit of trepidation with those words.

she was going to visit Master D and his wife Mrs D for a weekend of fun if you remember, all samantha had to go on was the overheard playroom conversation, the rest was a secret to her for now. All she knew was to arrive dressed as samantha, in a conservative and demure way.

samantha did her usual routine of shaving, applying makeup and wore a corset with brown stockings attached. Flat shoes were in order due to her driving an hour or so to Master D’s house. she topped it off with her more normal of her wigs, applied her jewellery and after double checking her appearance and her case went out the door for the drive.

Part 2 – The arrival

After a hour or so of driving samantha arrived at her destination. Strange she thought, this looks like an industrial estate? A middle aged man walked up to her car and spoke to her.
“Hello samantha we have been waiting for you”.
It was Master D. she had never seen him before without his mask and was happily pleased with what she saw, plus she noticed he had a huge erection waiting down there for her she hoped. He bade samantha get out of the car and into the passenger side. A blindfold was put over her eyes and Master D got into the driving seat and drove for a few minutes. For the length of the short journey samantha was thrilled by Master D’s hand running up and down her stockinged thigh and was giddy with excitement of what was to come. He helped her out of the car and into the house and samantha was instructed to remove her blindfold.
“Mrs D is getting ready so go into the first bedroom on your left, it has an ensuite and get ready for an evenings entertainment, put the black silky lingerie and corset on, together with the long black gloves. Oh and you will find a dress in the room, put it on samantha. When you are ready come down, knock on the door and wait.”

Part 3 – The dressing

samantha entered the bedroom, a small single bed with satin sheets on it, maybe that was where she was going to sleep? And on the wardrobe was a black satin maids dress complete with hat, a note on the bed said “you know what to do samantha – be a maid and slut at the same time”. samantha knew what Master D wanted so she reapplied her makeup, a lot more heavier on the eye shadow, mascara and a hint of blusher, but the most attention was to her lips, deep red and heavy with lots of lip gloss. she wore her black silky corset with 8 straps for her fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings and five inch stiletto court shoes. her long flowing wig on top together with dangly diamante earrings and a necklace. Then the dress, Mrs D must have had a hand in this she thought as the size was perfect and hugged her in the right places, underneath a satin petticoat was put on and the last touch the long black gloves which went over her elbow was put on.

She noticed another note had been slipped under the door when she was getting changed, “you may use the perfume on the dressing table”, so she applied a spritz of the “Chanel no.5” perfume and looked at herself in the long mirror. she hoped Master D (and Mrs D?) would approve, she looked and felt a million dollars. she left the room and walked down the stairs and knocked.

Part 4 – The entrance

“Enter” said the voice, it was Master D, samantha recognised it very well. she entered the room to find Master D and Mrs D sat on the sofa together. samantha was taken back at what she saw. Master D was totally naked except for his black mask and sported a huge hard on, samantha looked longingly at it, it would be in her for sure she thought. Mrs D was a totally different proposition though, she only had met her once previously and hadn’t really known her at all. Tonight was going to be different though. She looked stunning though, she also had a full face mask on with lips and eyes showing, her eyes were piercing and her blue eye shadow was deep and heavy, her lips were deep red and shiny, through the top of the hood a long ponytail appeared and hung down past her neck. Mrs D also wore a black leather corset showing off her ample bosom and matching long leather gloves, samantha noticed the corset had a zip crotch. To top the outfit off was a pair of thigh high leather boots with 6 inch heels. Mrs D looked every part the Dominant bitch. Two cameras were on tripods at either side of the room, were they recording all of this, samantha wondered?

“samantha!”, Mrs D barked, “go to the kitchen and prepare us both a drink and be quick about it”.
samantha curtseyed and hurried to the kitchen and poured them both a glass of wine and brought it in on the tray, she went onto her knees and presented it to them.
“samantha, are you surprised at our appearance” Mrs D spoke,
“ye..yes” samantha stammered
“well its because we will be recording this and neither of us want to be recognised slut, plus it makes me horny as hell doesn’t it darling”.
Mrs D then grabbed Masters cock and deep kissed him. samantha noticed her glistening pussy lips and smelt the same perfume on her.
“Darling” said Mrs D, “why don’t you use samantha for a while, while I watch”.

Part 5 – The maid is put to use

With that Master D rose, his cock hard and throbbing samantha couldn’t keep her eyes off it. “samantha turn around” said Master D.
With that a blindfold was put over samantha’s head and she didn’t see what happened next. First of all Master D had her on her knees and bound her at her ankles and knees with rope, nice and tight, she couldn’t move. samantha then felt handcuffs snap behind her and she was instantly helpless. Not that she wasn’t anyway with these two strong personalities over her, nor did she want to be free anytime soon. A rope was then attached to her ankles and then ran through to the handcuffs she was forced into an upright kneeling position.
“samantha” Mrs D’s voice said “I will leave you to my husbands use for a while he has a surprise for you, but don’t worry I will be watching you”.
With that Mrs D sat down and got out her large 9 inch dildo and started stroking her clit and pussy lips with it, samantha could hear her already moaning slightly, if only she could see.

“open samantha” Master instructed.
With that Master thrust his cock into samantha’s mouth, she immediately started sucking it, its tasted good, musky but very mouthfilling as well. samantha soon got into a rhythm, bobbing her head up and down on his cock. samantha could hear his breathing getting heavier and also Mrs D’s moans were getting more vocal. With that Master forced samantha’s head deep onto his cock
making samantha almost gag but her past experience told her not to, Master was now all in her mouth and pumped away. Masters balls tightened and he came heavily in her mouth, jets of sperm going deep inside her. at the same time Mrs D came hard on her dildo, samantha heard her screams of delight. samantha felt used yet so happy, she had her Masters seed inside her like the good slut she was .
“I’ve a surprise for you” Master D said.

With that he went into the kitchen two more masked men came in, cocks hard as hell and he said “ok guys use her mouth as you will and don’t forget to cum all over her face and mouth”.
samantha would have said something but at that instant another cock was pushed into her mouth, saltier than Masters and a little smaller but still nice, he held her head and used her as a fucktoy. Just how she liked it. After a few minutes the mystery male took his cock out and was instantly replaced by the other guy, a bit bigger and wider, samantha struggled a little but she took it whole.

While this was happening Mrs D went down on Masters cock licking the cum left on it and she sucked him deeply and lovingly as only a wife could , they was so turned on by the show and for a few brief moments it was like no one else in the room.

The mystery men swapped again, the smaller of the cocks then started to pump heavier into samantha’s mouth and after a few minutes he came heavily in her mouth and face.
“thank you Sir” said samantha, after all its only good manners she thought.
The next guy then pushed his cock into her mouth and then did the same, spunk was everywhere on samantha’s face.
“thank you Sir” samantha said again.
With that the men left the room with Master D.
samantha overheard him say “what did you think, £50 each was a good deal don’t you think”. Master whored her out! But secretly samantha loved the thought and was happy but tired.
Mrs D then spoke to samantha “that was nice wasn’t it samantha, now let me untie you and I will take you upstairs and get you cleaned up”.
“thank you Mistress” samantha replied.

Part 6 – Mrs D gets samantha alone

Mrs D untied samantha and then they both went upstairs to samantha’s bedroom. Mrs D still looking so delectable but unattainable to samantha. samantha looked a bit of a mess, lipstick all over, mascara had run and spunk stained her face. she went into the ensuite and washed it off. When she came back in Mrs D had removed her hood and she saw her for the first time that evening, her hair was tied in a single ponytail high on her head giving her a severe look, her lipstick reapplied in the same deep red colour as before and although nearly a foot shorter than samantha there was no doubt in who was in charge she sat on the chair in front of the mirror and Mrs D helped her reapply her makeup, this time she made her eyes more of a striking purple colour and topped it off with deep red lipstick with gloss over the top.
“Now then samantha how does that look” asked Mrs D.
“lovely Mistress” replied samantha.

“samantha come onto the bed with me” bade Mrs D.
With that samantha did so and Mrs D held her tight and kissed her deep, her tongue probing samantha’s mouth. samantha could barely get her breath such was the passion that Mrs D had for her tgirl lover that evening. samantha felt Mrs D grab her chastity device then her balls, wincing at the pain as Mrs D’s painted nails dug in, oh the agony and the ecstasy! After a few minutes of this treatment Mrs D sat up and loosened her corset so her breasts popped out of the top her nipples hard and erect, she also opened up the zip crotch as well.
“samantha you know what to do, kiss and suck my breasts and if you do that well you can lick my pussy”.
With that samantha lovingly caressed and licked Mrs D’s breasts while Mrs D laid on the bed her panting and moaning for more, encouraging samantha to continue.
“good gurl” purred Mrs D “you can lick my pussy now, use the dildo on the bedside table on me as well”.

With that samantha started licking slowly on Mrs D’s clit and pushed the dildo inside her. Mrs D was very vocal.
“yes you bitch”, “come on harder slut”, “lick my clit sissy” etc.
She was getting close now and grabbed samantha’s head and came screaming to another shuddering orgasm.
“well done girl”, samantha slipped the dildo out and cleaned it with her tongue and then went down on Mrs D to clean her pussy.
“thank you Mistress” samantha said.
Mrs D then got up and told samantha to recompose herself and redo her makeup and come down in 30 minutes.

Part 7 – samantha finally gets to see the playroom

samantha had time to eat something and had a drink which was provided for her in her room, she composed herself for a few minutes and her mind raced with what had happened to her, she felt totally used as a slut and absolutely loved the thought of being the centre of attention. Who was those men and why haven’t they mentioned the playroom yet?

samantha must have then been daydreaming as she noticed the clock and had 5 minutes to reapply her lipstick yet again. she checked herself in the mirror again and went downstairs and knocked.

This time she was made to wait 5 minutes, had they heard her knock, shall i knock again she thought? No need to wonder much longer as Master D ordered her into the room.
“samantha I’m sure you overheard about our playroom didn’t you” samantha nodded
“well samantha follow me and I will show you it”.
she followed Master D again, he was totally naked and his mask was removed as well, just his hard cock waving around. They came to a door with a lock on the outside which lead to a set of stairs which led down to the basement.

The playroom was decked out with red walls, various tawses, straps, crops and canes were on hooks, rope, straps, handcuffs and hoods on another wall, in fact a veritable palace for a playroom, a wooden floor and two items of furniture, a black sofa and a black leather spanking bench with straps attached. Strobe lighting finished the effect and samantha got slightly nervous thinking of the items on show.

part 8 – samantha gets to use the room

Mrs D was on the sofa, still dressed the same but now sporting a large 8 inch strapon dildo.
“I had it modelled on my husbands cock” purred Mrs D.
“we had such fun in making it didn’t we darling”.
Master smiled and remembered it well.
“You will find out tonight what it is like to be fucked by the same cock in both holes samantha”.

samantha was led to the bench and laid flat down on her front, straps were attached to her ankles, knees, waist and her hands as well. she tried to move but was totally helpless. she was blindfolded and then a large ballgag was placed into her mouth and strapped tightly on.
“We are just going to say goodbye to our two guests samantha don’t go anywhere will you”.
With that she heard them both go up the stairs and she was along, tied, gagged and blindfolded and totally helpless. Unbeknown to samantha there was a cctv camera and Master watched as she struggled against her bonds. Mrs D said goodbye to the men and Master mentioned to her about samantha struggling.
“Good it will do her well to struggle, she will never get out of those straps”.

After 15 minutes, to samantha it felt longer they came back down. samantha could hear the click of Mrs D’s heels and Master followed.
“Enjoy your time out samantha” Mrs D mockingly asked.
“gggrrr,mmmm,ggrrr” was the only reply samantha could muster.
samantha was ungagged and the blindfold removed.
“yes Mistress, thank you Mistress” replied.
A drink was offered to samantha’s mouth and she had a drink through a straw, samantha was relieved that they took care of her.

Quickly though the gag was replaced again but not the blindfold. Mrs D went over to the spanking implement wall and got a large paddle and said to samantha “lets warm your bottom up”.
She then pushed up samantha’s skirt and pinned her petticoats up (remember samantha had no panties on anyway) and proceeded to spank samantha’s bottom. All could be heard in the room was the thwack of the paddle and the mmmppphh from samantha’s gagged mouth.
“go on darling why don’t you have a go on her, try the riding crop” said Mrs D to her husband.
He didn’t need another invite and got the crop and immediately thrashed samantha’s now reddening bottom, it was getting warmer and the pain and the pleasure of it was getting intense. He stopped for a moment though, samantha hoping that they had finished, it appeared not as Mrs D got another crop from the wall and instructed Master to crop one cheek while she cropped the other for a full minute. samantha braced herself and then they went to work on her poor red bottom. Halfway through the minute samantha tried to move and get out of the way of the two unrelenting crops being rained on her behind and her moans were getting louder. Finally they stopped and samantha was left a heavily panting wreck and her bottom was on fire. Another drink was offered to her after they ungagged her,
“thank you Master and Mistress for thrashing me” said samantha.
Mrs D then rubbed some cold cream onto her bottom. They then sat down on the sofa behind samantha and talked about what had happened, little did samantha know what was going to happen next.

part 9 – samantha gets spit roasted

Mrs D then moved behind samantha and lubed up her dildo and felt her fingers over samantha’s pussy hole, one finger, then two, then more were thrust deep inside lubricating her. With that Master came up to her mouth and pushed his large cock in her. she soon got a good rhythm going and then she felt the dildo slowly pushing inside her, she nearly forgot about Masters cock in her mouth and gasped at it going deep in her. Mrs D thrusted deeply and with a regular rhythm.
“you dirty little slut” she cried “sucking my husbands cock and letting him treat you like his bitch, I will teach you samantha to be an even better slut to me and him”.

samantha couldn’t believe this, not only was her Master deep inside her mouth with his hard cock, she could also feel the same in her pussyhole but from a very sexy and attractive Dominant woman, she was in heaven although they was very harsh to her she knew she was in no danger. Obscenities were flying from Mrs D’s mouth “bitch”, “whore” , “slut” etc and Master D just moaned long and slow as samantha deep throated him, she glugged as he held her head making her feel so used. samantha was in heaven, this was her reason to be, fully used as a woman, both holes filled at once, what could be better?

She soon found out, unbeknown to samantha, Mrs D’s strapon had a little attachment which stored liquid in a pouch and when a button was pressed ejaculated out of the top. Master was getting nearer samantha thought and worked her tongue around his glans, this together with seeing his wife strapon fuck his tranny lover sent him over the top and he cried “I’m cumming bitch!”.
With that Mrs D pressed the little button on the strapon and warm liquid flooded into samantha’s pussy and at the same time jet upon jet of Masters creamy cum entered samantha’s throat. samantha was beside herself and convulsed powerfully, a sissygasm was finally hers. After it seemed an age Masters cock finally went flaccid and samantha cleaned it with her tongue.
“thank you Master and thank you Mistress”.
Mrs D withdrew the strapon and collapsed onto the sofa, she had cum hard too, not that you could hear it over the other twos cry’s. They unstrapped samantha and told her to clean herself up and put on what was underneath her pillow, samantha could barely walk but went out of the room and back to her bedroom.

part 10 – the end of the first day

samantha was exhausted, four loads of cum, one cumload or whatever it was up her pussy, she felt so used and yet so happy. she looked under the pillow and found a note saying look in the top drawer and put on what is in there, keep the makeup simple and understated as well.

In the top drawer samantha found a shorter brown bob style wig and brushed it out, looked good she thought. Also in there was a pair of pink low heeled fluffy mules and a pink satin nightie and nothing else. she put them on and put a bit of pink lipstick, blusher and just a hint of eyeshadow, subtle and more simple. she noticed that the nightie barely covered the top of her legs and her chastity was nearly exposed, they think of everything she thought. samantha then went downstairs yet again. she knocked on the door and was immediately let in.

Master was in a normal robe and Mrs D in a simple black kimono. On the table was a spread of food and a bottle of wine with 3 glasses.
“pour some wine samantha for us, and have a glass yourself, and help yourself to food” said Master.
samantha was relieved, she was very hungry now. But being the good sub she was she poured each of them a glass and curtseyed when done. she was told to sit at their feet and samantha did as she was told and hungrily ate the food laid out, the glass of wine was most appreciated.

The next hour or so another bottle of wine appeared and went down well, they talked and chatted samantha still on the floor though, her place never in doubt. It was now 11-30 and Mrs D spoke to samantha “get up to bed now girl, you have an 7am start and don’t be late up. I will come and tuck you in”.
samantha went to the bedroom and waited on the bed for Mrs D and was wondering what she meant, it appeared that she was to sleep the night attached to the headboard, with one hand cuffed to the headboard and one leg to the footing of the bed.
“pleasant dreams samantha” said Mrs D and left the room.
samantha went to sleep almost immediately, her head recalling the days events, wondering what tomorrow would bring.


part 11 – morning chores

samantha awoke, her arm and leg was released from its bonds, when did that happen she thought, i must have been dead to the world. On the door a different uniform was laid out for her, a more worktype maids uniform in cotton it seemed, still black and relatively short with a normal type apron. There was still a small headpiece to match but no gloves, still samantha’s nails were still painted red though as always. A note was on the dressing table which read, put on your white silky lingerie and your wig that you turned up in on, do your makeup normal as well. Be down by 8. After showering samantha noticed the time it was 7-30 she had only half an hour to get ready! samantha quickly dried herself and got ready, careful to make sure her seams and makeup was just right, at least she was wearing just 3 inch heels. she looked in the mirror, quite passable she thought, just like a hotel maid.

samantha came out of the room and had heard lovemaking noises from the Master bedroom, the headboard was being slammed against the wall and her weekend lovers were doing just that, noisily and at length. samantha wondered what was happening then quickly remembered it was not her place to wonder just serve. she went down the stairs to find another note on the door. We will be down at 9, prepare the breakfast for us as instructed and lay the table, you may eat in the kitchen.

samantha went into the kitchen and prepared the breakfast, they had requested smoked salmon with scrambled eggs, coffee and cereal. samantha took the chance to eat something quickly at the kitchen table and could hear movement upstairs, 9 o clock! she quickly moved away her used plates into the sink together with all the pans and waited near the dining room table for her betters. “morning Sir, morning Madam” samantha respectfully said and curtseyed.
They responded in the same way and sat down. samantha brought over the breakfast and went back to the kitchen to wait orders, at the same time she washed up and felt happy to serve them both.

A while later Mrs D came into the kitchen and spoke to samantha.
“Master is having to go to work this morning and will be back by 1, so it will be just you and me, in fact he has already gone. I want you to mop the floor of the kitchen and then hoover the living room”.
Mrs D still looked every part the sexy lady even without makeup, just her silk kimono and her hair high in a bun on her head, samantha admired her look and air of authority.

samantha mopped the kitchen really well taking time on the corners, a good job she thought. Then she got the hoover out and did the living room, Mrs D just sat on the chair her legs open so samantha could clearly see her pussy wide and wet. samantha tried to ignore this but couldn’t help but looking, but it seemed one time too many.
“samantha are you looking at my pussy girl?”.
samantha meekly mumbled “yes Mistress”.
“come over here!” barked Mrs D.
With that samantha was pushed to her knees and Mrs D said “since you are distracted you might as well clean this as well”.
samantha’s head was thrust between Mrs D’s legs and she licked hungrily at her pussy juices and not forgetting to lick her clit, judging by the noises Mrs D approved. After a few minutes Mrs D came on samantha’s face and samantha again licked the lovely juices up. Then a loud knock on the door was heard.

part 12 – a relative unexpectedly turns up

samantha quickly composed herself and stood up.
“go to the door samantha and see who it is and greet them accordingly”.
samantha panicked, who would see her dressed as a maid, it could be anyone. But she did as she was told. she answered the door and a rather attractive woman in her mid 20’s was on the other side, very slim, immaculate makeup, beautifully dressed in a summer dress and low heels, and was that stockings underneath she noticed, her long hair was plaited into a single ponytail and she was quite tall at 5’10 or so.
“Hi, you must be samantha” said the woman, “I am Penny her niece”.
“welcome Miss Penny come on in” replied samantha not forgetting to curtsey.

“I see you have seen the maid” said Mrs D, “what do you think of her?”.
“Very nice” replied penny, “is she fully trained and obedient as you say?”.
Mrs D then explained to penny that samantha was very well behaved and took care of any needs that they had, she also said that they would have loved to have her as their live in maid. samantha was touched by that and in an ideal world she would jump at the chance.

Just then Mrs D’s phone went off, it was Master D. Apparently what samantha could grasp of the conversation there was a little bit of an accounting emergency at his firm and Mrs D was needed to sort it out, she was the firms accountant after all.
“Oh dear Penny, I have to go and I have all of this housework which needs doing by samantha, could you be a dear and supervise her for me”.
“of course” replied Penny, “just leave me the list and I will make sure it gets done, I have nothing much else to do today anyway”.
Mrs D thanked her niece and drove off quickly in her car.

part 13 – a bad Penny turns up

It was 11am and penny read the list that Mrs D left and said in her husky voice “now samantha, it says that you are to clean the bathroom upstairs next so you had better do it quickly”.
samantha curtseyed and walked up the stairs. Penny followed behind, her eyes firmly on samantha’s seamed stockings and bottom. samantha started to clean the bathroom, first the sink, then the tiles and last but not least the toilet.
All the while penny asked her questions like, “so your here to serve every need”.
To which samantha replied “yes of course Miss”.
Her next question was “are they seamed stockings”.
samantha showed her them all the way to her stocking tops, a little too high though and showed off her chastity.
“And what is that?” asked Penny.
“my chastity Miss, i am locked away and cannot cum unless my keyholder releases me”.

With that Penny replied “such a shame, let me show you my stockings”
Underneath the dress was a beautiful pair of aristoc stockings in white with seams and a cuban heel, but what caught samantha by surprise was an ever expanding cock inside Penny’s panties.
“Yes samantha I am a girl like you but unlike you I can do as I wish with mine, now bend over the toilet slut!”.

samantha meekly bent over the toilet her bottom in the air yet again, she couldn’t believe that this “niece” was going to use her, how could it get any worse for her, better keep her happy I suppose she thought. samantha then felt some lube applied to her pussy and a few fingers inserted inside.
“oooh, you dirty girl” said penny “I’m going to have to fuck you deep and hard”.
With that Penny’s small but perfect formed 4 inch cock was taken out of her panties and pushed gently and caringly up samantha’s pussy. This is nice, samantha thought, not too big. Penny started thrusting harder and soon she got a rhythm going. They was both moaning and enjoying the sensations for a good 10 minutes and samantha noticed Penny’s breath quickening and her cock started to pulse, she was going to get her to pull out but too late. Penny’s cum splashed deep inside samantha’s pussy and she came quite a lot it seemed. Penny was exhausted, after a moment she withdrew her cock and samantha instantly went on her knees and sucked her dry before putting her cock back in her panties. Penny then pulled her towards her and they kissed deeply and at length. “Now samantha you had better get that toilet cleaned before Auntie comes back”.
samantha did as she was told again, what a kinky family Master D has she thought, but perfect for me.

part 14 – a vanilla afternoon

Around 1pm Master and quickly followed by Mrs D arrived and parked their cars in the drive.
“Did samantha give you any trouble Penny” asked them both.
“No, not at all, she was very accommodating” was the reply.
“You will stay for the BBQ wont you Penny?”.
“Of course” was the reply.
“You may go to your room for now samantha, we will call you when we need you”.

samantha went back to her room and did her usual ablutions, did her makeup again and cleaned the semen from her bottom, it was still leaking out of her an hour later. her bottom felt well used and she wondered how many more loads it will take before the day and the weekend was out. Around 3pm a note was slid under the door, it read come down in 30 minutes in your cleaning uniform. samantha checked it was all clean and went downstairs. The door was open and everyone was outside, several couples were there and of course Penny, and Mr and Mrs D. The couples apparently were business associates and were fully aware of the maid. For the next hour or so she served everyone with her usual professional manner, she was run off her feet.

Around 5pm the guests started to leave, she said goodbye to each at the door, most paid no heed to her but a few gave her a knowing smile, did they know the full truth she thought? Penny also went and kissed her on the cheek before she went out.
“We must meet again” said Penny.
“would love to Miss Penny” replied samantha.
Penny winked at her and left. samantha was left with Master and Mrs D.
“clear up samantha, grab yourself something to eat and then at 7pm come to our bedroom in just your black satin lingerie and gloves, and wear your 5 inch court black heels as well. You may put the perfume on as well, its my husbands birthday today, “we” can be his special present”.

part 15 – Getting ready and wrapped

samantha had a little time to have a wash and a quick nap before getting ready again, she put on her makeup again heavy and slutty as Master liked it, full red lips and gloss on top, blue eyeshadow, mascara, blusher and the usual things a girl has to do to make herself look pretty. she remembered to douche in the bathroom, i am bound to be needed she said to herself. she put on the black satin bra, suspender belt and matching panties which covered her chastity perfectly, long black nylon seamed stockings were next and attached the six straps of the belt. her heels were next, quite high and difficult to walk on, she tottered to the mirror and put on her very long straight wig on in black. Finally remembering to pull on her black long satin gloves over her arms. Chanel no.5 was the last thing to be sprayed on her neck.

she knocked on their bedroom door, Mrs D told her to come in and she was greeted by the most wonderful sexy sight of this mature woman dressed as she could only describe as a schoolgirl slut. It turned out later that she wore exactly the same lingerie as samantha down to the long gloves as well. But over the top of the lingerie Mrs D’s hair usually long was put into two pigtails with a blue bow on the end of each one. Her makeup was exactly same as samantha’s even down to the eyeshadow and lip colour. She wore a white satin see through blouse with a blue striped tie and a short navy blue pleated skirt which barely covered her stocking tops. On top of her head was best described as a st trinians style straw boater with matching blue ribbon around the rim. To finish off she had a pair of white ankle socks over the stockings and the heels matched samantha’s.

“you look beautiful Mistress” samantha admiringly said.
“Thank you samantha, remember its my husbands birthday tonight and I will be treated the same as you by him, I am submissive to him occasionally and tonight he will get exactly what he wants, do you understand samantha”.
samantha nodded and was really looking forward to the night ahead.
“I have the same for you samantha”.
Mrs D then dressed her to look exactly the same as her even down to the socks, she brushed her hair and put it into pigtails the same, complete with the ribbons. When finished they looked like twins, albeit samantha was nearly a foot taller than Mrs D, but they both looked so sexy. Mrs D couldn’t resist to pull samantha into her arms and they kissed hard and she pushed her tongue into samantha’s mouth.
“enough samantha, Master is waiting downstairs for his present, he has no idea of what he is getting honestly!”

part 16 – unwrapping his presents

samantha and Mrs D walked down the stairs, Mrs D behind samantha so she could see her skirt rise up, they entered the living room together hand in hand. Master D was sat in his armchair with his suit on, he clearly thought that they may be going out for a meal and then fun later perhaps? His face was a picture though, the biggest smile together with a massive bulge in his pants was the best reaction samantha could see.

“Hello Sir” said Mrs D, “samantha and I have been very naughty girls and have been sent to you the Headmaster to be punished and dealt with as you see fit”.
“Oh have you girl, and for what reason, you must have been really bad”.
Mrs D spoke further “Well Sir, it might be best to tell you that me and samantha got caught behind the bike sheds doing something, but the best way is to show you what we were caught doing”.

Mrs D then grabbed samantha put her arms around her and gave her the most erotic kiss she has ever received their mouths locked together in what seemed like ages, their lips touched and their body’s were electric. Mrs D’s hands were up samantha’s skirt touching her bottom, samantha thought that she would do the same, Mrs D sighed when she did. Mrs D then opened up samantha’s blouse and kissed, licked and bit samantha’s nipples, she winced at the pleasure and the pain but was totally swept away by the sex, the smell, the perfume and now a very naked Master D playing with his cock in front of them.

“Ok girls, that’s enough of a demonstration, there’s only way to treat a pair of schoolgirl sluts like you, abigail get over here and over my knee now!”
Abigail, well I didn’t know that was Mrs D’s name! Abigail went over Masters knee and he quickly pulled her panties down to her knees.
“This will hurt girl but its for your own good”.
“ooh yes Master” Abigail replied, her slit already moist and dripping.
Master then proceeded to steadily spank his wife’s bottom, harder and harder it got, she winced at the increasing hits on her now reddened bottom.
“Right girl, get up and stand over there with your hands on your head, Samantha get here!”. samantha was then treated to the same treatment as Abigail and spanked severely, Master made sure his finger popped in her pussy occasionally, samantha gasped and wriggled at the attention, he sure knew how to spank a girl. samantha was eventually sent to join Abigail in the corner, hands on head.

part 17 – the cane

“Ok girls, you have been so naughty that I’m afraid the spanking just wont be enough punishment, you will each receive 30 strokes of the cane, 10 at a time each girl, come with me both downstairs”. They both went downstairs in front of Master D their bottoms very red with the spanking. “samantha get me the cane on the wall and give it to me, then stand behind us and watch”, samantha did as she was told.
“Abigail, bend over the bench and count the strokes and say thank you Sir afterwards, understood?”.
“but Sir, don’t hurt me too much” said Abigail.
“Too late girl, you should have thought about that before doing your disgusting lesbian act with samantha”.
Abigail reluctantly bent over the bench her pussy was dripping samantha noticed. Master pushed two fingers deep in her and she orgasmed violently against him.
“Liking this too much it seemed, lets see what you feel like after 30 strokes!”.
With that he raised the cane and started expertly caning his wife’s arse “1 Thank You Master” she hissed, with every stroke the urgency in her voice got worse and by 10 her voice cracked a bit, she hopped up and rubbed her bottom.
“Go and watch me and samantha now, samantha assume the position”.
samantha’s bottom quivered but she slowly went over the bench and received the same as Abigail, by 10 she too was wobbling a bit and had trouble with going back to watching her lesbian lovers distress. After the second set, both girls were clearly in distress and Abigail truly having a hard time, samantha’s bottom had welts that were really raised.

part 18 – the deal

Master D said to them both, “Well girls, I was going to give you 30 but it seems like you are struggling, but a punishment cannot be rescinded….”.
“Sir” cried Abigail “Please don’t cane us anymore, we will be good girls, if there is anything we can do for you, and I mean anything?”.
Abigail looked at samantha and she agreed.
“Well, if you are nice to me and let me do anything to you, I’m sure I can let the last 10 strokes go, Abigail on the floor on your hands and knees, samantha underneath Abigail and pleasure her clitoris, I’m going to pound your pussy from behind slut!”.

Abigail didn’t need asking twice, her sexy body clad in most of her uniform and pigtails swayed as she waited for samantha to get underneath her. Abigails view was of samantha’s chastity and she could clearly see leakage from the front. samantha positioned herself just on Abigails clit and she waited for Master to start fucking his sexy wife. Master grabbed her hips and pushed his now even harder cock inside, Abigail thought it must have grown by the way it thrust in and out her pussy, she screamed louder and louder, orgasming every few minutes, she had never cum so much. That and samantha’s expert licking at her clit sent her over again, she could barely take much more, her arse stung so much but the pleasure and the pain of it all was so intoxicating.

samantha could barely believe the amount of cum from Abigails cunt and her juices were smeared with her lipstick all over her mouth. Master D was getting closer and with one giant roar he came again heavily in his wife’s pussy collapsing back onto the sofa. Abigail just kept there on her hands and knees her cunt ravaged and arse sore, samantha knew what she had to do. she licked her clit clean and then went to work licking out her cunt, giving Abigail another orgasm in the progress. Much of the cum was gone now but Master still needed cleaning, so she went over and took his cock in her mouth and kissed and licked it clean. Feeling brave now and with both their faces smeared with running makeup the girls faced each other and tongue kissed each other, swapping their Masters cum in their mouths.

“Will that do Sir!” Abigail cheekily said, “Yes Abigail, and you samantha” replied Master.

part 19 – the end of the day and weekend

They all went upstairs and not many words were spoken, samantha was instructed to put her nightie on and join them in their bedroom. After cleaning up she was allowed in and they were both naked in bed and asked samantha to join them in the middle. samantha felt happy and spooned between them both holding her Masters cock in her hands as she went to sleep.

They woke very early, Master and Mrs D were at work at 9 so samantha was instructed to dress as she turned up and meet them at the front door at 8.
“Thank you dear for a lovely weekend” Mrs D said to samantha and again kissed her, “We must do something again”.
Master then placed the blindfold on samantha again and led her to the car and put her belt on for her, this time she only felt him caress her legs a couple of times. They eventually got to samantha’s car and Master removed the blindfold.
“Well samantha, did you enjoy yourself.
“yes Master” replied samantha “more than anything, goodbye Master”.
With that Master kissed samantha and he waved her off.

That weekend was wonderful he thought and those videos will make me a fortune as well!!!

The End.

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